Our company made a deal with a sportsclub and all employees are happy. Are you sure?

What would a perfect win-win situation for a company’s productivity look like? We think it could be something like employers establishing a health benefit system, all employees loving it and all the work done much better than before.

Wellness benefits system, of course, is already a win on its own. But working in this field, we also know some truly puzzling cases. All requirements for this have been met as soon as we hear an employer say: “We have a conctract with one certain sportsclub – and our employees are happy with that.”

Let us provoke you a little! First, let’s set aside the possibility that we are dealing with an one-man-business here.

“In our company, we all love white braided cardigans!”

In a case with a company with 50+ workers, how credible would you consider the next statement: “At our christmas party, every single employee in our firm prefers to eat a pork shank.”

Or this one: “In our company, everyone would like to drive a white Toyota.”

Can you believe it!? All our employees walk back front and are 4’2″ tall.

In SportID, we finde those statements too big of an abstraction. In the same section belong arguments stating how hundreds of employees all love to work out in the same exact fitness club.

This sort of a claim remains thin even when there’s a well-equipped gym, wide range of workouts to choose from and if you’re lucky, then even a pool and a sauna.

How a certain sportsclub fits the employee depends largely on where your personnel lives, what kind of sports your employees like the most, what time is most convinient for them to work out and when do their friends hit the gym, how crowded are the group trainings, how clean does the fitness club look – and so on.

As soon as your company has at least one employee besides you, the possibility that your expectations overlap drops by half.

If we have a firm with 5 workers, the probability of reaching a consensus is small, but even with 10 employees, you can still manage to find a solution that makes everyone moderately happy.

But if there are 25 and more, you’ll definitely see some wokers expressing astonishment that the only way to use their health benefits is to visit a sportsclub 10 kilometres away that is always packed by 5 PM and where the treadmill is hardly ever vacant. Or a swimming pool they can never really go to because of the chlorine allergy they have battled with since childhood.

Why do companies offer their most important asset such half-done solutions? The reason may lie in time that goes into writing contracts with different sportsclubs: every agreement needs constant work and so does every cheque that is brought in after that.

But if the target is bigger productivity among your employees, no half-done solution will do.

As there are no companies that would want to hassle with 100 different sportsclub themselves, we have come out with a solution called SportID. No accountant will have to deal with cheques and all employees are satisfied working out at the sportsclub they chose themselves.


With this article, we would like to call out all the employees that have ever been left in a situation where they receive a health benefit, but cannot really use it. Let us know! We won’t tell your boss any names – but we’ll make sure that noone in your firm does ever have to eat pork shank or worship white Toyotas against his will again. Write us kadri@sportid.ee and our team will do our best!

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