HRO of Apotheka: “Young people say that wellness benefits is one reason they come to work with us.”

“Few years ago there was a real struggle on the labor market and it was almost impossible to find pharmacists. So we discussed, what could bring those few pharmacists who were out there to work with us.  One of the main points was that you can raise the wages again and again, but with wellness benefits, you can offer a bigger value with smaller costs,” says Häli Siimaste, the Head of Human Resources of Terve Pere Apteek OÜ (Magnum Corporation).

Since 2015, Terve Pere Apteek has offered wellness benefits for their employees and soon, all the other branches of Magnum Corporation followed.

Siimaste says that is unbelievable how many people have starting to work out just because of the benefits system. “I can say that most of the people that are working out today wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the benefits,” Siimaste says. Many just wouldn’t normally have the financial capacity.

“Some employees that started with the massage and rehabilitation opportunities at first are now going to the gym. And they say – the fatigue has finally started to wear off,” says Siimaste. With SportID, you can choose whether you want to compensate just the sports part – or if you also want to give your employees an opportunity to receive rehabilitation services as a part of the benefit system, as well. Terve Pere Apteek has chosen both.

Why do wellness benefits make such a difference? Siimaste can explain. “If you add those 25 euros to an employees salary, he won’t notice it. But give it to him as a wellness benefit – and he considers it special,” Siimaste says. Why is that so?

“People don’t measure a value in money only, but also in motivation that their employers give to them with it.”

Now, the employees in Apotheka are also planning their holidays depending on where they can use their benefits. “We have told our staff that it is a great way to cut down the expenses of your family. So they pick out a city to travel to – and then find a spa hotel there where they could use their benefits and have a great time with fewer expenses.”

Häli Siimaste, HRO of Apotheka

Today, the first thing that all new employees in Terve Pere Apteek do is create themselves an SportID account – so they could receive wellness benefits. “Not every single one of them starts to work out immediately, but by that, they have the opportunity whenever they feel like it,” Siimaste explains.

“And for our company, this solves the biggest problem: labor turnover.”

“Young people have said that wellness benefits is the reason they are choosing to come work with us,” says Häli Siimaste, the HRO of Terve Pere Apteek.

If your company is also struggling with finding experts and keeping them, wellness benefits system with SportID is an opportunity to thing about. Contact us right now by and find out how we could be useful for you!

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