Efficiency above all – sounds familiar?

What does your company’s main motto say? We bet one of the keywords is effectiveness. Most probably many companies have a desire to achieve the maximum performance with the lowest possible cost, and certainly all companies aspire for that, if they want to remain competitive with the companies in Europe.

If you find that efficiency is also an important keyword in your company, you are probably looking to achieve it by having a healthy and motivated workforce. Maybe you’re already thinking about how to reduce sick leave, lethargy induced low productivity and give people extra motivation. This means that sport and health benefits are probably already established in your company.

However, not only employees but also the company as a whole need to aspire to be efficient and giving sports benefits by compensating for individual cheques does not aid reaching that goal in any way. Why?

Firstly, managing cheques takes a lot of the resource most valuable to us – time. How much of employees’ time goes into collecting, storing and processing a single cheque? It might not seem too much. But let’s have a closer look.

The time starts from the moment you ask the cashier for a cheque or ask your sports club for an appropriate bill.

In order to give the cheque to the accountant, you stop whatever you’re currently working on and spend 5-10 minutes on the trip there and back. Only you know, how long it takes to get back in work mode after that.

Think about how many of these micro-interruptions accur daily for your company’s accountant or PR manager, who collect these bills. Account for the time it takes to write reports and compensate for every individual cheque.

However, in worst-case scenario about 10-20% of the services that will be compensated have not even been received by the person who submitted the cheque. Every company says “we trust our employees” and no employer has the time to go to the swimming pool to trace down who actually bought and used the ticket that they are paying for. Let it be.

Inquiring brings further damage and makes even honest cheque submitters feel uncomfortable. A pair of unfair employees will mean that at least part of the employer’s investment is thrown to the wind and the company does not receive the higher performance that they hoped to get from healthier and rested employees.

If you join the company benefits plan to a larger system, your employees can also get a more favorable price than they would on their own with many service providers.

Affordable prices are great and buying in bulk is always less expensive. This makes it even more likely that the employees actually go work out and still safe money, which of course makes them happy in turn.

Returning to efficiency: if that is indeed an important keyword in your business, it is worth thinking about the cost of independent sport and health benefits management and considering joining SportID. Contact us by kadri@sportid.ee and learn how SportID can be benefit your business!

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